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AR Promapper 

• Reaching the highest quality of lenses with accurate lens inspection (ISO/ANSI standard compliant)

• Total operator independence with automatic positioning and automatic decision


GO is the only company in South America and one of the few in the world with the technology to manufacture and control the raw material used in our consumables.  This guarantees that our customers receive the highest quality to meet all their needs.

New Ultra Optics 44 R 

Complete your RX Process is less than 8 hours.

Conveyor fed and robotic lens handling

Incoming work is fed directly from the conveyor after the polisher. This automated system minimizes handling errors as it is repetitive, predictable and has been programmed to adapt to virtually all lens thicknesses.

Integrates with lab management system (LMS)

Advanced PLC controls scan the bar code on the work ticket to confirm if the job is to be coated or passed through.  Additionally, codes in the LMS can be set to have the 44R simply wash the lenses without coating them. 

On the block processing

The lenses are processed while still on the surfacing block.  This provides many advantages such as front side protection, operators do not touch the lens where they are not protected yet and the elimination of high-index lens warpage. 

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The lastest from Vixon

The most complete Lens Line with BLUE CUT TECHNOLOGY

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Founded in 2001, General Optics is an independent family owned company, based in USA.

Our team of professionals has over 40 years of experience in the optical market. We are fully dedicated to develop product offerings that help our customers to stay competitive in our dynamic market and to fulfill their highest demands.

A wide range of products allows us to visit our customers more than any other company in the optical industry.

Our organization is "lean and mean" and with our flexibility we can easily adapt to all market changes.  

We have developed a distribution network to serve over 650 customers in 45 countries.